ToyKraft Shellbound 3 Art Games

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  • Devlops Concentration and patience
  • Channelizes the Energy levels.
  • Instills Creativity
  • Helps Develop Fine Motor skills, Hand-Eye co-ordination.
  • Understand Spatial arrangements Concepts
  • Develop Intellectual , Physical skills.
  • Complete DIY kit with detailed Instructions and all the required components.


Shells are not just pretty baubles on the beach but lovely natural objects unmatched in beauty. Indeed, their diversity and uniqueness of form is what motivates amateur shell collectors to make many long explorations on sea-shores.

Shellbound-3 is another fabulous kit and the third in the series using sea-shells. This kit combines shells with three terracotta pots to craft out some sensational pottery. The discovery of a firm fix of the shells using an appropriate adhesive on terracotta surface has resulted in these unique creations of crockery.

The finished products can be used in the washroom areas of your home to house toiletries. Both the media in this finished form combine to give a poetic synergy of incredible fastness and unique texture.

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