ToyKraft Road Runners Construction Toys

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Uniqueness of this M’Tek kit:

  • High quality electro-plating
  • Socket head bolts as per international norms on screwdrivers
  • Engineering grade plastic used wherever necessary
  • Actual detailed scale models
  • Illustrated step-by-step instruction manuals
  • Promotes STEM learning


This fabulous compilation of metal components and parts is virtually a miniature automobile assembly-line in a box. You can make as many as 6 swanky automobile models which look quite stunning. Let your skills race with this mind-blowing model cars.

With this kit you can construct, dismantle and rebuild multi-models of different cars. You learn many mechanical skills in this constructive journey using the diverse range of metal parts, screws, connectors, nuts etc. using the Allen key and spanner. You can go one step further and innovate to construct your own designer car using your imagination.

The comprehensive illustrated instruction book is directed to modeling cars starting from the basics and is the perfect resource for beginners.

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