ToyKraft Bird Watch Educational Puzzle

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  • 18 X 4 pieces Square Puzzles 
  • Puzzle Guide for more Information
  • Bird Features and Nests of 18 Mesmerizing Birds revealed in Multi-Play Puzzle creation
  • Large Chunky Pieces
  • Stimulates Sorting and Matchig Skills
  • Helps Motor Skills and Eye- Hand Co-Ordination
  • Improves Visual Discrimination
  • Imparts Knowledge


The main puzzle

Complete all the bird picture puzzles with the help of colour codes. Each complete set reveals the bird, its beak, feet and nest.

other puzzle options

Put together birds who lay eggs in tree hollows

Pick out all the birds with long legs

Collect all the birds with webbed feet

Identify all the birds with pronounced beaks

With the help of the instruction manual put together puzzle pieces for birds with sharp claws, those with unique nests and many other interesting possibilities....

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