ToyKraft 3 in I vegetable Educational Puzzle

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  • Self – Correcting
  • Beaustifully Illustrated
  • Large Chunky Pieces
  • Stimulates Sorting and Matchig Skills
  • Helps Motor Skills and Eye- Hand Co-Ordination
  • Improves Visual Discrimination
  • Imparts Knowledge


These are 3 piece puzzles representing 6 Vegetables. The Vegetables in this puzzle set are Carrot, Corn, Onion, Tomato, Potato and Eggplant. This offering provides the starting point for solving puzzles.

The puzzles provide appropriate level of challenge for children at 18 months old. Being self-correcting, the child can solve them by matching edges. They improve gross and fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. These puzzles are a great way to encourage your child into problem solving.

Children learn to distinguish between pattern, colour and shape by matching the pieces. You can raise the difficulty level and problem solving skills by mixing all the 18 pieces. They instill patience and improve concentration. The puzzles help in focusing on the problem at hand and seek the solution.

Children understand the concept of trial and error and probe and play. The puzzles provide hands on learning. They provide a foundation stone instilling curiosity to know more. Once solved, they improve self esteem and confidence in the child.

Being thematic they improve the childs knowledge on the subject. You can share more information with your child about this topic which will encourage the child to eat more Vegetables. This will also improve the childs communication skills resulting in more social interaction.

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