ToyKraft Mandala Illusions Educational Puzzle

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  • This is Sensational jigsaw puzzle set with 3 Mandala Designs.
  • Each set can be transformed into a kaleidoscope of different puzzles depending on how you arrange the pieces .
  • Self – Correcting
  • Beaustifully Illustrated
  • Large Chunky Pieces
  • Stimulates Sorting and Matchig Skills
  • Helps Motor Skills and Eye- Hand Co-Ordination
  • Improves Visual Discrimination
  • Imparts Knowledge


About Mandalas

Mandala is a Sanskrit word, loosely translated, for circle.

A Mandala picture is vibrant , colourful, intricate and reveals new insights of deeper meaning. It represents wholeness - some use it for meditation and others to unlock their creativity.

When these Mandalas are given an illusionary effect the result is really sensational!

About this puzzle

The Mandala Illusions are made by joining the jigsaw pieces to form a circle. This unique jigsaw puzzle set also enables the child to make multiple Mandala designs, Optical Illusions and experiment with the pieces to create Op art. This is done by swapping puzzle pieces from the 3 jigsaw puzzle sets (as the puzzle pieces are of the same size).

This multi-play option - to yield innumerable Mandala Illusions in different sizes and shapes gives the child a source of endless possibilities.

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