Play Panda Brain Booster Type 2 Board Games

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  • Brain Booster promises hours of fun.
  • It helps children develop their spatial and logical thinking skills.
  • It improves their geometric understanding and problem solving skills.
  • Even teenagers and adults will find brain boosters engaging.
  • Brain Booster puzzles are sure to challenge their brain.


How to play ?

Choose a puzzle from the Puzzle book (56 puzzles).

Arrange the 9 magnetic shapes on the magnetic board to match the puzzle.

Check for the solution in the solution book.

You can play Brain Booster puzzles in two player mode.

1. Pick a puzzle for the opponent to solve and vice versa.

2. Keep a time limit.

3. After the time is up, check the solution. The player will get 10 points for every shape in the correct position.

4. After 3 rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

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