Kaadoo Explore Bhutan Wilderness Boardgame

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  • Points-based game, with higher points for animals not found elsewhere
  • Up to four players
  • Chance to overtake your safari mates, pick their cards or even swap your hand with theirs!
  • Stay disciplined or else, miss turns
  • Bonus card picks
  • Bonus dice throws too!
  • Play a few times and develop your own tactics to be the winner
  • Every game ends differently: no boredom!
  • Feed your curiosity; learn more about the animals from books, wikipedia and other sources on the web.


Meet six different kinds of cats, and more wild animals, from Bhutan! Asiatic Golden cat, Pallas’ cat,Fishing cat...even a Leopard cat.! And of course, Takin, Bhutan’s national animal.All of them waiting to be discovered in this beautiful board game.

Bhutan is a paradise for wildlife lovers. It has such range of small and large animals, starting with the Raven and ending with the One-horned Rhino! It is a safari experience that you would want to come back to. And even plan a real one.

The latest game from our Big Game series, Mountain Kingdom lets you explore this unique part of the world, with your parents, friends or grandparents. All of these and more are waiting for you to be discovered. They get you points and make you the winner. Catch the glimpse of a Snow Leopard on the hunt and take 25 points! Yes, and that Golden Cat is worth 20 points !! Keep adding up the points - it even helps your Math scores! An eco-warrior in the making? This game is for you!

What kind of a creature would you think a Blyth's Tragopan is?

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