Smartivity SMRT1118 Tangible Play Smartivity Magico kit

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  • 7 x Physical + Digital 'learn-through-play' games
  • Educational Objective: Learn Numbers, Addition, Alphabet, Spelling, Shapes and Colours. Builds creative thinking, confidence, and problem solving skills
  • Tangible Play Blended Learning Activity Powered by Computer Vision technology
  • Designed for kids 3+ years old. Includes Free App (iOS and Android), Number Tiles, Alphabet Tiles, Shape Tiles and Magico Stand
  • Enhances Math and Language Skills. Develops Visual Thinking, Problem Solving, and Creative Ability
  • Bridges Digital and Physical world for children through play


Introducing, Magico - Smartivity's latest innovation!

Play with Maths, English, Shapes, Colours*: Empower your child with fundamental concepts in Mathematics, Language (English) and General Awareness through this technology-powered, fun experience called Magico.

Physical + Digital Learning Through Play*: Magico blends bleeding-edge Computer Vision technology with Sensory Play (Tactile Learning) to deliver a magical, mind-and-body engagement-focussed experience that next generation demands and deserves.

Transform your smartphone into a powerful educational tool for your child with Magico. Magico's multi-sensory approach encourages your child to explore the worlds of numbers, alphabets, shapes and colours in a unique, innovative and play-filled environment.

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