Viva Education History Map Practice Book- Class 10

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  • The series comprises two books including one each on Geography and History for Class X.
  • Each book contains broad, relevant and thoroughly informative content.
  • The map tasks are spread over two sections, with the first section containing the main map or diagram with useful information regarding its theme.
  • The other section has the outline map or diagram with exercise based on it.
  • Each given map is properly scaled, authenticated and approved by survey of India.
  • Some sets of map-based sample questions developed as per the pattern of such questions asked in the Board Examination are given at the end of each book.


VIVA Map Practice Book (Geography and History) for Class X are designed and developed according to the latest CBSE/NCERT syllabus and guidelines. Each of the two books supplements the textbook prescribed for it, and aims to reinforce the geographical and historical concepts of the students. The two books fully cater to the needs of the students with plenty of map-based exercises, map-making skills, practice tasks, diagrams and illustrations. In addition, the books contain information on major aspects covered in Geography and History taught at the school level. These books will do more than just supplement the main textbooks. They will develop in students the ability to analyse, compare and contrast, which are integral to the study of Geography and History. In the two books, all the facts are actually and accurately presented as per the sources and all the location-specific facts have been incorporated on the basis of common coordinate system. The books aim to fulfil the needs of both teachers and students.

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