Target Publication Geography and Economics Book

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  • MPSC General Book
  • Language: Marathi
  • Subject: Geography & Economics


Bhugol Arthashastra (Geography and Economics)

Bhugol Arthashastra by Target Publication is a Geography and Economics book designed for competitive examinations in accordance with the notified syllabus by Maharashtra government. The book extensively covers topics surrounding Geography and Economics so as to provide the candidates with a comprehensive platform for enhancing their knowledge for the exam. Its key attributes ensure that it stands out as one of the best books for the preparation of competitive exams.

Salient features of Bhugol Arthashastra (Geography and Economics) are as follows:

1. Usage of simple and easy language to offer a clear understanding of concepts.
2. The Guide contains extensive coverage of all topics replete with summaries to enable a proper understanding of the subject.
3. Maps of 36 districts to assist students relate to the concepts.
4. Additional questions included rendering a deepened understanding of the topic.
5. Previous year question papers included classified as per topics.

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