Target Publication Absolute Biology Vol. - 2 - NEET - UG Book

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  • Entrance Exam Book
  • Language: English
  • Subject: Biology


NEET-UG Absolute Biology Vol. - 2

NEET-UG Absolute Biology Vol. - 2 is an extensively compiled Biology handbook by Target Publications for NEET-UG Medical Entrance Examination. It is in adherence to the notified syllabus and covers the complete NEET-UG biology portion in the most lucid manner. Its key attributes ensure that it stands out as one of the most competent books for NEET-UG preparation.

The salient features of NEET-UG Absolute Biology Vol. - 2 are as follows:

1. Brief yet comprehensive Sections are a part of every Chapter and enable students to strengthen their concept base. These Sections are:
- Theory
- Quick Review
- Multiple Choice Questions
- Topic-Wise Assessment

2. The Book consists of a range of Advanced Level MCQs in order to assess the conceptual knowledge of students

3. Additional Questions from various Competitive Examinations like NEET-UG, AIIMS, CPMT, AFMC, EAMCET, BCECE, MHT CET, GUJ CET etc. are included in the Notes to help students understand the variations in questions

4. This book concludes with chapters titled ‘Mnemonics’ and ‘Scientific Names and Discoveries’ that foster a robust knowledge base

The Team at Target Publications is confident that this book would not just function as an all-inclusive study material for NEET-UG Biology, but would also assist students to build a powerful concept base. It is a complete guide of biology for NEET-UG and equips the aspirants of the Medical Field with a knowledge bank that they would require to crack these Entrance Examinations.

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