Target Publication Absolute Physics Vol - 2 - NEET - UG JEE (Main) Book

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  • Entrance Exam Book
  • Language: English
  • Subject: Physics


NEET-UG / JEE (Main) Absolute Physics Vol. - 2

NEET-UG / JEE (Main) Absolute Physics Vol. – 2 is an extensively compiled reference book by Target Publications for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. It is in adherence to the notified syllabus and covers the entire NEET-UG & JEE (Main) Physics portion in the most lucid manner. Its key attributes ensure that it stands out as one of the best books for NEET-UG & JEE (Main) Physics preparation.

The salient features of NEET-UG / JEE (Main) Absolute Physics Vol. - 2 are as follows:

1. Brief yet comprehensive sections are a part of every chapter and enable students to strengthen their concept base. These Sections are:
- Theoretical concepts & Knowledge bank
- Notes
- Formulae
- Shortcuts
- Multiple Choice Questions including ‘Googly’ questions
- Topic wise assessment

2. The MCQs are provided to foster a robust knowledge base among students. Their format is as follows:
- Theory based questions
- Numericals
- Graph based questions

3. Additional questions from various Competitive Examinations like NEET-UG, JEE (Main) AIIMS, CPMT, TS EAMCET, BCECE, Assam CEE , MHT CET, K CET, GUJ CET, WB JEEM etc are included to help students understand the variations in questions

4. Questions from Previous Year’s Entrance Tests are also included to provide students with a comprehensive repository of all questions

The Team at Target Publications is confident that this book would not just function as one of the best objective books for NEET-UG & JEE (Main) Examinations, but would also assist students to build a powerful concept base. In addition to being a complete guide of Physics for NEET-UG & JEE (Main); it would also equip the aspirants of the Medical and Engineering Fields with a knowledge bank that they’d require to crack these Entrance Examinations.

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