Target Publication Perfect Chemistry - 1 Notes - Class 12

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  • Class: 12
  • Language: English
  • Subject: Chemistry- 1 Notes
  • Board: Maharashtra State Board


Std. 12th Perfect Chemistry - 1 Notes, Science (Maharashtra Board)

Std. 12th Perfect Chemistry - 1 Notes, Science (MH Board) by Target Publications is an extensive handbook that works as a treasure house of knowledge for students of Class 12th. The objective of this book is to help students prepare effectively for Std. 12th Final Examination, as well as, to equip them on parallel ground to face the prospective NEET Examination.

The salient features of Std. 12th Perfect Chemistry - 1 Notes, Science (MH Board) are as follows:

1. Detailed description of the Paper Pattern and marking scheme with question wise distribution of marks is provided at the beginning of the book.

2. All the chapters herein comprise of the following key features:
- Subtopic wise classification of answers to all textual and in text questions are provided in Question-Answer format.
- Solved Examples with step wise solutions to various numerical problems
- ‘NCERT Corner’, ‘Do You Know’, ‘Enrich Your Knowledge’ and ‘Notes’ sections cover additional information
- ‘Apply Your Knowledge’, ‘Brain Teaser’ and ‘Check Your Grasp’ sections strengthen the concept base of students
- ‘Quick Review’ and ‘Formulae’ sections facilitate revision of students
- Exercises in every chapter provide students with variations in questions
- MCQs and Topic Tests at the end of every chapter

3. Four Board Question Papers are given to help students understand the nature of HSC Board Examination.

4. The book concludes with independent chapters titled ‘Modern Periodic Table’ and ‘Logarithms’ & ‘Antilogarithms’ to foster a robust knowledge base among students.

The book has been compiled in accordance with Maharashtra State board syllabus as well as relevant NCERT syllabus for Std. 12th students. This exceptional combination of requisite material from both the boards makes it the ultimate reference material for Std. 12th students.

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