Target Publication Perfect Hindi Sulabhbharati Notes - Class 6

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  • Class: 6
  • Language: Hindi
  • Subject: Hindi
  • Board: Maharashtra State Board


Std. 6th Perfect Hindi Sulabhbharati Notes, English Medium (Maharashtra Board)

Std. 6th Perfect Hindi Sulabhbharati Notes, English Medium (MH Board) is a continuation of Target Publications’ spirited journey in the world of active learning. This book has been meticulously compiled as per the ‘Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation’ (CCE) system. We’ve placed Class 6th students at the focal point of this book’s creation journey with an aim to make the process of education both enjoyable and interesting.

Std. 6th Perfect Hindi Sulabhbharati Notes, English Medium (MH Board) comprises of the following features:

1. Extensive coverage of all chapters and poems replete with Glossaries, Summaries, Paraphrases, Summative and Formative question- answers, Grammar and Vocabulary
2. Glossaries include the meanings of difficult textual words in Hindi as well as English to help students understand better
3. Glossaries are followed by meaning of difficult Idioms/Proverbs in Hindi to help students learn them
4. Summative section in every chapter entails question-answers based upon the textual chapters and poems in addition to the Language Study sections
5. Formative sections cover questions that encourage reading, writing and speaking skills among students in addition to Open Ended Questions
6. Every chapter ends with a section titled, ‘Anulekhan’ that essentially helps students practice writing difficult words
7. A dedicated Grammar Section covers grammatical concepts with ample solved examples and practice exercises and solutions in accordance with the syllabus
8. The Writing Skills section comprises of thoroughly detailed chapters such as Essay Writing, Letter Writing and Story Writing
9. Two Model Test Papers are furnished at the end to test the knowledge quotient of students and encourage self-assessment

This book has been compiled to play the role of a precursor for the consecutive years of learning. Armed with an exemplary range of features, we hope this book turns out to be a guiding light for students of Std. 6th and helps them to prepare for their examination.

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