Holy Cow Entertainment Shaitan Volume 1: Toy Soldiers Boxset

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  • WRITER: Anirudh Singh
  • ARTIST: Gaurav Shrivastav, Harsho Mohan, Vivek Goel
  • BINDING: Paperback
  • Duryodhana
  • Jambavan
  • Jatayu – Sampati.


The House Of Ravanayan And Aghori Proudly Presents The Mind Blowing Saga That Has Taken India By Storm, Shaitan Volume 1: Toy Soldiers.

Delve Into The Mysteries Of The Indian Subcontinent, Follow The Adventures Of Sword Company As They Unearth Secrets Buried Here Since Ww Ii And Accidentally Release A Hidden Evil That Could Destroy The Entire World. An Evil Held Back All These Years By Just One Man. Who Is Shaitan? What Links Does He Have To India’s Enslaved Past? What Keys Does He Hold To The Country’S Distant Future? Experience The Rebirth Of The Greatest Super Hero Time Forgot. Witness, The Emergence Of Shaitan!

Also Included: Curated Issues From Project Showcase: Drawn By Indian Comic Industry Legends, “Vivek Goel”, “Sumit Kumar”, “Saumin Patel” And “Gaurav Srivastav”.

1). Duryodhana

2). Jambavan &

3) Jatayu – Sampati.

Project Showcase Is A Highly Experimental Take On The Mythological Storytelling Genre. Working Exclusively With “Lesser Known” Mythological Characters The Project Comprises Of A Series Of One Shots That Exist Stand Alone In The Vast Holy Cow Universe. Critically Acclaimed For It’S Story Structure And Impressive Artwork Each Issue Of Project Showcase Is A Comic Book Collector’S Delight.

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