Holy Cow Entertainment Showcase Book 7 Ganga Bhisma

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  • WRITER: Pawan Soni, Saraswati Nagpal
  • ARTIST: Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel
  • BINDING: Paperback
  • PAGES: 72 Pages


Immerse yourself into the dual tales of Ganga and Bhishma in this epic retelling of a lost myth. Written by Saraswati Nagpal (Draupadi, Sita) Ganga takes us to the dawn of time where the mystical and arcane origins of Ganga life. Bhishma penned by Pawan Sony (Dil, Dosti, etc) shows us the innermost thoughts and desires of the greatest warrior of his era, Bhishma Pitamah. The two tales are brought to life through the spellbinding illustrations of Vivek Goel (Ravanayan) Sumit Kumar ( Munkeeman) Gaurav Srivastava (Aghori, Shaitan) with striking colours by rising star colourist Prasad Patnaik (Shaitan) AND a striking cover by the one and the only Mukesh Singh ( 18 Days & The Incredible Hulk). Fans of mythology this is one book you cannot miss out on. Never before and never again will such a tale be crafted.

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