Smily Kiddos Pop Pencil Box

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  • Country Of Origin - INDIA
  • Pencil box in attractive colour
  • Helps to keep all stationery in an organised way
  • Pop out mini drawer compartment (perfect for eraser)
  • Pop up tray with inbuilt pencil slots and stand up pencil holders
  • 2 main compartment with magnetic closure
  • Pop open lid mini compartment
  • Internal personal sable timetable card insert
  • 3 small pop-out drawer compartments
  • 1 pop open small compartment
  • Pop-out sticky tape roll with cutter
  • Pop-out 18cm ruler
  • Shoot out drawer compartment with inbuilt pen slots
  • Pencil box for kids with multiple compartments
  • Tiny buttons to open pop out compartments
  • Main compartment is designed as a pencil holder
  • Additional space to hold eraser and other items


You’ll love this Splash Smily Pop Pencil Box from the Smily kiddos range. Combined with the addition of fun, interactive pop-out functions including a pop-up pencil sharp, mini drawer & pop-up pencil tray with pencil holders, it’s sure to bring lots of joy! The mega pop out pencil case provides more space for your school stationery goodies.

Be the envy of your friends with this cool pop-out pencil case with scented textured silicone design as part of our Yay for a good collection. With playful, interactive push button functions and the bonus of some stationery essential inclusions, you’ll be both entertained and ready for anything!

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