Smily Kiddos Fancy Stationery Eraser Set

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  • Country Of Origin - INDIA
  • Set of 5 erasers
  • Good quality durable erasers
  • Encourages children to preserve it due to its unique themes.
  • Themes that children love


Smilykiddos brings to you this set of 5 erasers for all kids. These erasers are easy to hold and huge enough to run for a long time. It has a stationery theme and it encourages children to preserve for a long time. Erasers are always the prime possession for kids and their way of competing in schools.

The Fancy Stationery Eraser Set could well be the toddlers first exposure to the office environment. The notable part of the stationery done in latex rubber is the near life like ratios being used to make the pieces. This produces as life like a quality as would be possible. Often when people get to executing life like figures, the critical factor of the ratios is ignored at best.

With children and particularly the very young ones, it is important to use color to get them to pay attention. Here with the set of stationery erasers, there has been a wide range of colors used to create the settings. But more importantly, there has been an effort to produce as life like a reproduction as would be possible.

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