Smily Kiddos Fancy Animal Eraser Set

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  • Country Of Origin - INDIA
  • Set of 5 erasers
  • Good quality durable erasers
  • Encourages children to preserve it due to its unique themes
  • Themes that children love


The Fancy Animal Eraser Set takes most people back to their childhoods when there was the odd domesticated animal on the premise. Often it is the nostalgic feeling that prompts people to buy the eraser set for the children in the first place. There is also the added power to the presence of animals on the tables and study premises. There has been an effort to render some of the most realistic animal forms that could be done at any time. The scales are in perfect ratios and most children are given a true first-hand narrative to the animal kingdom. When there is a limitation to the kind of colors that can be used in a piece, it is the more vibrant rendering that is bound to stand out.

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