Shipping & Delivery Policy details -


  • This Shipping and Delivery Policy governs the shipment and delivery of all the items that are purchased at While does everything to ship all item/s in the order within 3 days, this may not always be guaranteed in cases where there are delays in procuring the item(s) or if the item goes out of stock. will make reasonable attempts to inform the customers in case of such delays. However, will be liable for any damages or loss as a result of the failure to ship the products within 3 working days.

  • It may be possible that we ship one order from more than one location, depending on its availability in the inventory. We may also ship the order partially if one or more items in an order are not available for shipment on time due to the reasons mentioned above. In all such cases you will get more than one shipment per order and you must accept the same. You cannot request for the shipment of the entire order together. Shipping charges, if applicable for such orders, will be fully applied to the first shipment. In the event that subsequent shipments are canceled where shipment charges are applied to the first shipment, there will be no reduction in shipping charges.

  • This Shipping and Delivery Policy is subject to the Terms of Use for and related websites on which you make your purchase. Items are shipped with utmost care by our most trusted delivery partners and typically arrive in 2-7 business days.

  • Estimated shipment timings are provided solely for the convenience of customers and neither and related websites nor its third-party shipment providers will be liable for any damages or losses, as a result of failure to meet a shipment estimate. In no event will and related websites or its third-party shipment providers be responsible for delay in deliveries due to public holidays, strikes, natural disasters, inclement weather, governmental acts or any other situation beyond their reasonable control. This Shipping and Delivery Policy is subject to change without notice.

  • One reattempt will be made to deliver the items, in case the first attempt has failed. It is the responsibility of the customer to be available at the delivery address to receive the item/s. If the item/s are not accepted or are missed despite the reattempt, then the delivery parcel will be sent back to the warehouse and the order will stand canceled. Any requests to reship the parcel from the warehouse will not be entertained.

  • In case of COD orders, payment must be made before accepting the parcel, at the time of delivery. The parcel cannot be opened and checked at the time of delivery.

  • The version of this Shipping and Delivery Policy in effect at the time of your purchase will govern your purchase. and related websites recommends you print or otherwise retain a copy of this Shipping and Delivery Policy at the time of your purchase.

  • Effective Date: This Shipping and Delivery Policy was last revised on December 9th, 2021