Nivia Trainer Football

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  • 32 panel stitched construction
  • Proudly made in India for rough and extreme playing condition
  • Medium bounce and medium speed
  • All weather resistance
  • Soft head
  • Material: Rubber


Mastering a sport requires quite a lot of training. Pick this Nivia Trainer Football - 5 which has been designed specifically to help you better your game and skills.

Constructed from 32 panels

As this football has been constructed from 32 panels, it is durable and sure to last you for a long period of time.

Reduced seam-stress and a perfectly round shape

With a reduced seam-stress and a perfectly round shape, this football helps you train better and improve your tackling skills.

Soft touch and high abrasion resistance

The soft touch and high abrasion resistance of this football assures that consistent training doesn’t cause any damages to it.

Heavy gauge thread

Ensuring the football doesn’t tear due to constant use the heavy gauge thread used to make it.

Latex Bladder- Excellent Rebound

With a latex bladder, this football offers excellent rebound which helps you play a good game and work on your skills.

AIR LOCK valve for air retention

The air lock valve for air retention helps maintain the round shape and lets the players kick the football higher.

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