About StudentKare.com

StudentKare.com: Meeting your child’s needs at fun & play

StudentKare.com is India’s leading school supplies & kids products e-commerce platform that provides a one-stop shop for all the school shopping needs of parents. Our objective is to make every parent’s life a bit easier, helping you save valuable time, lessen efforts & reduce costs of school purchases!

StudentKare also provides a convenient online shopping experience with a wide variety of choices across product categories, making it comprehensive, simplistic, fun & easy on your pocket!

StudentKare.com is owned, operated & managed by KARE Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

We eagerly welcome your views; you may write to us at marketing@studentkare.com or contact our support centre at 022 6281 6969

KARE’s Approach

KARE’s vision is to provide schools and school children a compelling buying experience for all that they need to excel at work and play and be a partner to schools, a counsel to parents and a buddy to children.

As India’s leading school and student supply company our mission is to be a single stop shop that facilitates supply of all that school and school students need and leverage technology to make the shopping experience simple, convenient and transparent to all stake holders and thereby be the supplier of choice for schools, parents and students.